This robustly effective book identifies the various catalysts that you can cultivat .. After reading this book I want to attend one of his "Tee of with Mouli" sessions. Read Catalyst book reviews & author details and more at Chandramouli Venkatesan is a corporate veteran with over twenty-six years of. Catalyst [Chandramouli Venkatesan] on *FREE* If you are starting out you will find in Catalyst a guide book to help you navigate through the .

Catalyst Book By Chandramouli

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This is a book review of Catalyst by Chandramouli Venkatesan. The premise of this book is a framework for success in life and at work. This robustly effective book identifies the various catalysts that you can cultivate CHANDRAMOULI VENKATESAN is a corporate veteran with over twenty-six. Chandramouli Venkatesan is a corporate veteran with over twenty-six His book , Catalyst, will arm you with the right tools to succeed at your.

However, in the first half of the book I focus primarily on giving what people want—the keys to success in careers.

Real Individual growth is the growth we experience in the duration of our careers; how much each one of us grow our knowledge, our skills, our judgement, our influence, our communication etc. The second factor is Environmental aspects, which covers things like buoyancy of the job market, industry related factors, relative availability of talent in your skill areas etc. Let me first cover the impact of environmental aspects on career growth.

Our careers are typically 40 years long, we start in our 20s and wind up in our 60s. During these 40 years we will have both environmental tailwinds and headwinds to our careers.

An example of a tailwind would be the times in your careers where the job market is hyper hot for the skills you have, there is a shortage of the skills you bring and people tend to get jobs and salaries bigger than what they deserve, sometimes going all the way to bubbles. Another example of a tailwind is when your boss quits the company, you are not yet fully ready to take that role, but the company decides it would rather go with an insider and hence gives the job to you even when you are not yet fully ready.

Such tailwinds are bound to support most of us at times in our careers. Similarly, we have all experienced headwinds in our careers.

Catalyst by Chandramouli Venkatesan – An Excerpt

There are times when the economy is dragging, the job market is weak and there are very few opportunities for people to grow. Another example of a headwind is when you have been steadily getting ready for a big job, equipping yourself with the right experiences, apprenticing under the right leaders and preparing yourself for the opportunity and when the opportunity comes the company in its wisdom decides it wants to drive change, wants new thinking and a change in strategy and hence prefers to hire an outsider into the role as opposed to promoting an insider.

Nothing you did wrong, but the dice did not roll your way. My experience is that in a year career, the headwinds and the tailwinds balance each other out. You will have some headwinds in your career as well as some tailwinds.

You have to be a very lucky person for the tailwinds over 40 years to be greater than the headwinds and similarly you have to be very unlucky for the headwinds over 40 years to be greater than the tailwinds. He shares a few advertising lessons, "The simplest learning in advertising is - be very clear in your mind.

What I find in a lot of advertising is - people are not clear what they want to achieve.

Chandramouli Venkatesan

One should start with 'What is the change we want to bring in the consumer as a result of the ad? You either want a non-user to start downloading the product, or you want a user to download a more expensive version, or maybe use it more often. Be crystal clear on this right at the beginning.

Don't think of advertising as 'brand-out'; think of it as 'consumer-in'. There should be clarity of thought starting with the consumer, not the brand.

Catalyst: The ultimate strategies on how to win at work and in life

As an advertising and marketing ecosystem, we must learn from these transitions," he says, drawing on his own literary experience for an example: "Had I written this book 15 years back, when the digital world wasn't there, I'd have struggled because I can't spend money marketing it. I have powerful content but I'm not a brand owner.

Today the digital world lets me market the book with a very marginal spend. Just 'Did people like the ad? The process of selling advertising to the client, he points out, is a subjective one. Sometimes I tend to go against my judgement because I believe in the person at the agency who stands up for the work As far as today's brand marketers, who no longer exist in a "broadcast construct", but do so in a "community construct", go, Mouli is hoping the book teaches them the art of "converting time to experience".There should be clarity of thought starting with the consumer, not the brand.

For most people the two does balance out.

One of the greatest success factors at work is our ability to convert time and activity into experience. Published in: You will have some headwinds in your career as well as some tailwinds.

He uses relatable examples to expound on his recommendations. Mouli, as an author, is industrious and puts as much effort into his last few chapters as in his first few.