Editorial Reviews. Review. To all those who took the time to read and study The Shack, to those who bought several copies or a case or more and gave them. Revisiting The Shack - PDF Download [Download] by Christianity Today International. Millions have found their spiritual hunger satisfied by William P. Young's #1 New York Times bestseller, The Shack–the story of a man lifted from the depths of.

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The Shack Revisited | C. Baxter Kruger's THE SHACK REVISITED, the story of a man lifted from the depths of despair through his life-altering encounter with. The theology of The Shack as presented in The Shack Revisited is evaluated and (Page numbers quoted are to the pdf available at. First published: 03 November · Read the full text. About. Related; Information. ePDF PDF · PDF · ePDF PDF. PDF. Tools.

Some of his many joint speaking appearances with Young are easily found on the Internet. In his introduction to The Shack Revisited, Wm.

By the end of his novel, Kruger has the apostle John sounding more like an apostate John—most especially when it comes to a conversation Aidan and John have regarding separation. It may be like a mother spider with a thousand babies on its back, but there is only one mother spider. The lie that we are separated from Jesus and his Father.

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Ophis deceives the nations by one lie—separation. But what Kruger is teaching is not true and is not from God. He and Wm. Paul Young are not exposing the deception—they are a part of it. Talks Like New Age The parallels between what the New Age is saying about Oneness and separation and what Kruger and Young are saying should be deeply disturbing to anyone who loves the truth.

And while Young and Kruger would probably deny that man is God and that what they are teaching is New Age, it is a simple matter of semantics.

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A rose by any other name is still a rose. This could fulfill the severe end-times persecution of the church described in the Bible but almost never talked about by false teachers like Young and Kruger.

We dare leave no self-centeredness on Earth after the selection process. My Law will take the place of separation.

Paul Young and C. Baxter Kruger who indiscriminately mix truth with error and present false teachings to the church. Those who think they can eat some meat from The Shack and spit out the bones are sorely deceived.

This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Christians need to understand that a false Christ Antichrist figure is preparing the world for strong delusion. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. Matthew Endnotes 1.

Warren B. William P.

Young, The Shack, op. A Course in Miracles, Combined Volume, op. Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Revelation, op. Beaver dam discourse starts around the 19 minute mark.

And now all humanity exists within the Trinity— thus man is God! In this way the Trinity is a sort of Quaternity.

But it gets worse, because in this theology everything the entire universe is God. We were so pleased to read that you have also recognised this and expressed it in your article. As for The Shack, I read it before starting my research and what struck me was the complete absence of the explanation of evil. The devil and judgement did not exist. Once again, I am encouraged to read your article The Shack Revisited, and to see how CMI are keeping up with the many deceptions that are taking place today.

Kind regards, Kirk H. Are we not paying that penalty anyway? What exactly was it that Jesus paid for us as a substitute? Also, is "the pronounced penalty" what God teaches us about forgiveness?

The Scriptural phrases cited, e. As creationists, we know that we were judged to die in Genesis 3, and nothing will change that. As Jesus told Nicodemus, "he who does not believe has been judged already" John b.

So again, what penalty did Jesus pay in substitution for us? It's not a teaching verse, He's quoting scripture, and the Father is not His God.

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Who knows what He really meant? Maybe He was keeping the mystery of the gospel hidden for a few more moments. Russell Grigg June 22nd, The Bible presents Jesus as identifying with us by sharing our existence, and as being a substitute for us in His death.

However, the purpose of His death on the cross was not just to share what happens to every one of us. He did what no other human being could do. He took on Himself all our iniquity, and God treated Him as the accumulation of all human guilt, even as sin itself.

Isaiah Denial of it leaves the world without a sin-cleansing Saviour cf. Romans —It planted the question "What If".

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And then J. A Mississippi theologian who cut his intellectual teeth in Aberdeen, Scotland with the Torrance brothers, Baxter is a unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius… He is a master of making difficult things understandable for the rest of us.

I enjoy working with my hands, although, as these two will tell you, I take pleasure in cooking and gardening as much as they do" Would you see him as separate from you? Instead He is describing His actions. Baxter Kruger. I haven't been able to find any.