PAPER TOWNS . paper, and I said our school didn't have a paper, and he said as long as I wasn't a journalist .. little bit about The Great Gatsby for English. MORNING With a bag in each hand, I paused for a moment outside the van, staring at her. “Well, it was a helluva night,” Paper Towns · Paper Towns. Paper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ENGLISH FINAL PROJECT NOVEL STUDY GUIDE. PAPER TOWNS BY JOHN.

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Read “Paper Towns”, by John Green online on Bookmate – Bestseller from the award-winning author of LOOKING (Sorry for my english, i'm from Romania). Paper Towns pdf by J. Green. By their life a pedestal along Paper towns in no idea note there were other j english final paper - JacobEnglish Departement of English Education. Tittle.: Revenge in John Green's Paper Towns Novel. (): Behaviorist Perspective. Herewith, I testify that.

Maybe because I spoke and maybe not, he slammed his hands against the lockers on either side of me and then leaned in close enough for me to contemplate his toothpaste brand. They began dating at the tail end of last year. They were both going to University of Florida next year. Jase got a baseball scholarship there. He was never over at her house, except to pick her up. She never acted as if she liked him all that much, but then she never acted as if she liked anyone all that much.

He considered my answer for a minute, and I tried hard to stare at his close-set eyes. He nodded very slightly, pushed off the lockers, and walked away to attend his first-period class: The Care and Feeding of Pectoral Muscles.

The second bell rang. One minute to class. Radar and I had calc; Ben had finite mathematics.

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The classrooms were adjacent; we walked toward them together, the three of us in a row, trusting that the tide of classmates would part enough to let us by, and it did. She said she was waiting for Radar to ask her.

Your grandma loves the brothers. Such was life that morning: nothing really mattered that much, not the good things and not the bad ones. We were in the business of mutual amusement, and we were reasonably prosperous. I spent the next three hours in classrooms, trying not to look at the clocks above various blackboards, and then looking at the clocks, and then being amazed that only a few minutes had passed since I last looked at the clock.

If I am ever told that I have one day to live, I will head straight for the hallowed halls of Winter Park High School, where a day has been known to last a thousand years. But as much as it felt like third-period physics would never end, it did, and then I was in the cafeteria with Ben.

Radar had fifth-period lunch with most of our other friends, so Ben and I generally sat together alone, a couple seats between us and a group of drama kids we knew. Today, we were both eating mini pepperoni pizzas. He nodded distractedly. He swallowed. If you want to go, just go; 3. I wrote her a note. Ben reached into his shorts and slid a heavily folded piece of paper to me. I could remember playing paper football on these tables. I motioned for her to sit. She scooted a chair to the head of the table.

She leaned toward us, her elbows on the table. A girl accustomed to compliments. She smiled and then got up, saying she had to go say hi to someone before lunch was over. Ben waited until she was gone to say anything. The period was almost over, so Ben and I got up and put our trays onto the conveyer belt. He breathed for so long I thought he might pass out.

I remembered the first time I visited. I was maybe thirteen. This also relates to Margos mysterious and odd characteristics since the beginning of the novel.

From this, it can also be logically concluded that more of Margos mysteriousness will be revealed because so far, through every action, a new side of Margo has been found. When I was in, like, fourth grade, I started writing a story in this notebook. It was kind of a detective story, Green This quote is nearly at the end where Margo begins to explain the origin of her run away ideas and her plans.

As the quote states, starting from the beginning since childhood, Margo has been writing a story which later inspired her to form a bigger plan to run away to escape the limited place that she had to live in. This shows Margos deep thoughts and careful thinking over a long period of time precisely calculating everything in order to make everything function the way its supposed to.

At the same time, Margo planning demonstrates a strange way of formulating a plan for its usually unnatural to suddenly devise a plan while writing a story about running away and making clues.

This is signicant in explaining deeper insight into Margos mind, and it starts to unravel the mysteries that have built up through the novel.

I looked down and thought about how I was made of paper. I was the imsy-foldable person, not everyone else, Green Margo explains to Quentin her real thoughts on paper town and paper girl reecting on her previous statement at the Suntrust Building.

Margo begins to analyze herself and begins to understand herself better after having isolated herself by running away. In the above quote, her realization about herself is important for it inuences her to make a new direction because she comes to see the fact that she was wrong before, and realizes her double life.

Margo describing herself as imsy-foldable refers to her dual life where everyone in school perceives her differently.

She is viewed as the leader and the popular fashionable person admired by many of her fellow classmates. However, at home, there is a side that no one is aware of regarding Margo such as the record collection she owns. Regarding this fact, Margo can easily change herself to a different person just like paper changes its shape when its folded. Therefore, Margo herself sees and realizes who she really is through comparing herself to paper. Quentin, as stated before is searching for Margo tirelessly and alone, even after people have told him to give up.

It is on the borderline of obsession, where he skips prom, graduation, and spends all his time on trying to nd another clue to where Margo might be. He can be easily compared to Captain Ahab, a man who wanted nothing more than killing a single white whale.

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Quentins teacher says, Ahab is a fool for being obsessed. But you could also argue that there is something tragically heroic about ghting this battle he is doomed to lose This instantly relates back to Qs search for Margo.

One must wonder if his obsession in trying to nd Margo is completely foolish, or it is a tragically heroic act. On one side, Qs obsession is foolish because of several facts: 1 Margo is someone Q has only talked to that one night since they were young, and 2 Q has no real proof that Margo wants him to nd her. But on the other hand, Qs act of selessness, in attempts to nd Margo and help her is someone heroic. Quentins teacher further goes on to ask, Is Ahabs hope a kind of insanity, or is it the very denition of humanness?

It is hard to say whether Q is insane or just human because of the circumstances given in this story. It shows that Q is a very loyal person, and obviously in love with Margo, making him nothing different from normal people. But the depth of his searches, the depth of his attempts to nd Margo is borderline insane.

He risks getting in trouble with his parents and even skips graduation in an attempt to meet up with Margo, who he understands will not come back home to him. Themes and Symbols So his foolish attempts at nding but never getting his love is shown as insane. But it can be argued that this is all part of being a simple human.

The desire to do something people want, the desire to reach out for their friends and family, is in almost everyone, programmed to help our actions and make our decisions.

In the end, it is never clear whether Q was just a foolish boy or a tragic hero, but he nds Margo and is happy with his decision. The Loneliness of Q's search " Throughout the story, Q is alone in searching for Margo and looking for clues to her disappearance.

He rmly believes that he can nd Margo though, and continuously looks for her without stopping, almost to the point of obsession. People such as the detective just simply say, "Let me give you some advice: let her come home. I mean, at some point, you gotta stop looking at the sky, or one of these days you'll look back down and see that you oated away, too" Green Thus, Q is left alone to connect the clues that Margo has left behind, or at least the clues he believe she left behind.

He tirelessly drives around, looking for places Margo might have gone, hoping the next one would be where she was hiding. During this entire time, he does not feel sad that he is alone, but also attempts to bring in others into his search. His 2 main friends, Ben and Radar however, do not care as much as Q does in searching for Margo. Though near the end of the story, Ben, Radar and Lacey come along with Quentin in search for Margo at Agloe, it is implied throughout the story that they are Themes and Symbols only coming for the excitement and the adventure of the search, not for the sake of nding Margo.

Q even notices that, Ben only wanted to talk about Margo when it involved an adventure that appealed to him, that he thought there was something wrong with me for focusing on her over my friends, even though she was missing and they werent While Q was tirelessly looking for Margo the entire time, everyone else considered it a bother, unless it involved some fun for them as well.

This truly exemplies the loneliness of Qs search, showing that no one else cared for Margo as much as he did, and even in the end, no one else did.

The word Paper Towns is thrown a lot throughout the book, it is even the title of it. However is not talking about the towns that make paper, like Omnictionary says, it is talking about the fakeness of a place with, all those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm.

All the paper kids drinking beer from some um who bought for them at the paper convenience store The entire usage of paper towns is to describe the fake world that they live in, and how much Margo hates living in it.

And for the entire book, Q sees it as the excuse to why Margo had left Orlando in the rst place saying, like the paper town thing she said about Orlando? Maybe shes saying thats why she left Themes and Symbols But even though Margo is shown to hate paper towns she is eventually found in a literal paper town; which means a place used on maps for copyright traps.

In Agloe, Margo is found hiding there, from everyone else. This goes to show that though she hated the fake towns and imsy life she held before, it was who she was in the end, fake and imsy.

Moby Dick! The book is mentioned several times during Paper Towns, mainly during the part where Qs teacher talks about the book itself. The teacher says, Ahab is a fool for being obsessed And Q does seem like a fool for being obsessed about Margo. Others talk about how he is worried way too much on Margo missing and that he should enjoy his high school life a bit more. Even his best friends talk about how he should forget Margo and go to prom or just wait for her to come back.

However, Q, in all his foolishness decides to just do anything to nd Margo, like Captain Ahab did to search for the white whale.

The book even symbolizes the hopelessness of Qs search. The teacher also states that, you could also argue that there is something tragically heroic about ghting this battle he is doomed to lose In the end, Q understood that his search for Margo would still leave him apart from Margo, no matter what.

The fact that he would never be able to be together with Margo emphasizes the overall hopelessness of his obsession, such as Captain Ahabs hopeless attempt to kill the white whale.

Chapter Summaries 1. Prologue 2. The Strings: Chapters 3. The Strings: Chapters 4. The Strings: Chapters 5. The Strings: Chapters 6. The Grass: Chapters 7. The Grass: Chapters 8. The Grass: Chapters 9. The Grass: Chapters The Vessel: Agloe 1. He lives next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman, who he is deeply in love with. They became neighbors since they were two years old. When they were nine, they were hanging out in the park, and Margo pointed out to something near the oak tree.

It was a dead body, encircled by blood. Quentin took two small steps backward because he was afraid that the dead man might wake up and attack him. However, on the other hand, Margo took two small steps forward, observing the dead body. The dead guys blood was printed in Margos purple sneakers. Quentin urged Margo to step back and go home to tell their parents. After they came back to each their houses, Quentins parents called Because Quentins parents were both therapists, they soothed Quentin to make him feel better.

That night, Margo Roth Spiegelman was standing outside Quentins window when Quentin was just about to sleep. Margo told Quentin that she did an investigation about the dead man.

His name was Robert Joyner, who was thirty-six years old and a lawyer. She told Quentin that he killed himself with a gun because he was getting a divorce and was sad about it. But Margo and Quentin thought there were something more than just a divorce because lots of people get divorces and dont kill themselves. Margo also told Quentin that the reason Robert killed himself was because Maybe all the strings inside him broke.

After saying this, she left Quentins house through the window. The Vessel: Agloe 2. His neighbor is Margo and he is madly in love with her since he was nine. But he doesnt express his feelings. The time for prom comes and his friends, Ben and Radar are both looking for prom dates. Quentin abhors prom so he doesnt worry about it. Ben asks Cassie Hiney, but she rejects him because she already had a date.

Thus, Ben is just left alone with Quentin. At school, Quentin always looks at Margo whenever she appears. One day, he looked at her smiling in front of his boyfriend, Jase. The only thing Quentin is able to do is just look at her until he loses her sight. Quentin and Margo didnt talk since they were nine when Margo knocked on Quentins window at midnight. Since then, they dont even say hello.

Paper Towns pdf by J. Green download - apdf40

That night, Quentin goes home with his usual routine. Then, when he is about to sleep, he sees Margo in front of his window, just like when they were nine.

Quentin opens the door and asks why she is there but all she say is that she needs a ride with his car. Her face is covered with black paint.

Suddenly, her father calls her up from the ground, shouting her to come down. She tells his father that she is just chatting with Quentin but her dad notices the black paints in her face. She goes back out the window but in few minutes comes back.

She asks for a ride and Quentin accepts her offer with a little doubt. But because he loves her, he follows her. Margo has few hundred dollars in her pocked because she knows the password to her parents bank account. The Strings: Chapters Chapter Summaries 1. The Vessel: Agloe Margo takes out all the savings and asks Quentin to go to Wal-Mart to download some stuffs, which are thirteen pounds of catsh, Veet, the fat-daddy-size tub of Vaseline, a six pack of Mountain Dew, a can of blue spray paint, and a dozen tulips on the conveyor belt.

She tells him that she has eleven missions to accomplish that school night. Quentin is a little afraid that it might be a felony to follow her doing mysterious stuffs, but he believes in her. The rst task is to attack The Club to her boyfriend, Jases, car. The second missions is to call Beccas dad who is Margos friend and tell her dad that her daughter is having sex with Jason Worthington in their basement.

The third mission is to take a picture of Jason running out of Beccas basement, half naked. But when they accomplishes the third mission, Jason is so much in hurry that he doesnt wear his boxers appropriately and Little Jason have been taken in the picture. The fourth mission is to get his clothes in case he tries to sneak back into her house. The fth mission is to leave sh for Becca. All these missions are for a revenge because Margo didnt realize that Jason was cheating on her for six weeks until her friend told her few days ago.

When Quentin and Margo accomplishes until the fth mission, he is not afraid of anything anymore. He is able to continue the journey and follow Margo. Next, the sixth mission is to leave owers on Karins doorstep with apologetic note.

After nishing, the seventh mission is to leave a sh for Mr. Then, they continue on the eight mission, which is to leave sh inside Laceys car.

The Vessel: Agloe Margo and Quentin continues to travel in the dawn. They go to Chucks house to revenge on Quentins old humiliation from Dance School. They break in to his room and put Veet on his right eyebrow. They are entertained by the fact that if he will shave the other side or color in the left side. After they put Veet, they painted his doorknob with Vaseline so that he wouldnt be able to open the door when Quentin and Margo are running.

After the success of the mission, they are headed to the Orlando City skyscraper. When they are at the top of the building, they look at the Orlando City and discuss how fake the city is. Margo relates the city to Paper Town. But because Sea World is so secure, they need to go through the moat. After they cross the moat, they enjoy the emptiness of the Sea World.

With the background music, Quentin and Margo starts to slow dance and have a good time. Quentin asks Margo to hang out with him from now on, but Margo says, I. The next day, Margo doesnt come to school and Quentin worries about her.

The Grass: Chapters The next day, Quentin wakes up late and runs down to the kitchen. His parents talks about their dream but Quentin doesnt seem to care about what they were saying. When Quentin arrived at school, Ben and Radar talks about their prom date and how much they value this prom because it is their last prom in high school.

The Vessel: Agloe address, suddenly, they see Chuck Parson walking toward them in the hallway. Quentin and his friends stare at Chucks missing eyebrows and his friends are amazed that Quentin spent the night with Margo. At lunch, they head to a fast food restaurant to talk about the night with Margo. At that night, Quentin waits for Margo to come home, but she was still missing.

The next day, Ben tells Quentin that Chuck and his friends ran over twelve bikes that belonged to the freshmen and sophomores.

Paper Towns pdf by J. Green download - apdf40

Chuck replies back to Quentin, knowing that it was Quentin who took his naked photo few days ago. Quentin threatens Chuck that he will post the picture unless he doesnt follow the instructions.

Chuck doesnt reply back but it seems like he understands what Quentin is saying. The Grass: Chapters The next day, Quentin wakes up and goes to the kitchen and sees Margos parents and the detective talking with his parents.

Margos parents complain about how Margo is such a hard kid to raise, considering the fact that she ran away few times before too. The detective and Quentin talk privately about Margo and Quentin tells everything that happened between him and her few days ago.

After the detective and Margos parents went, Quentin and his parents talk about how an irresponsible parents they are, leaving their daughter to nd her own life. Later Ben and Radar visit Quentin. While they are at Quentins Chapter Summaries 1. The Vessel: Agloe room, they see a poster in front of Margos window that they have never seen before. It was a poster of Woody Guthrie, who was a folksinger in the early s. Ben sees the poster and thinks that the way Woody Guthrie is staring looks like as if he is wanting them to come inside.

Thus, they head to Margos house. Margos sister, Ruthie, is the only one at home and Quentin bribes her to not tell anyone. Quentin, Ben, and Radar enter Margos room and get surprised. Margo had a bookcase as tall and Quentin and as twice as long, lled with vinyl records. Quentin looked through the records and took out Billy Bragg record. The front was a photograph, but the back was the same picture of Woodie Guthrie.

On the album cover, a song title Walt Whitmans Niece was circled. They looked over the room and found Walt Whitmans book, Leaves of Grass. Quentin goes back home and reads the book. There were several quotes highlighted in blue, all from an especially long poem called Song of Myself. Few quotes were highlighted in green, Unscrew the locks from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs! After reading few more highlighted quotes, Quentin contemplates about Margo and her trails that she left behind.

We nd out that Lacey did not know that Margos boyfriend was in fact cheating and she feels bad for it. She is also somewhat worried that she is gone. She Chapter Summaries 1. The Strings: Chapters also is complaining that she does not have a prom date and Ben jumps the chance to ask her out to it. On the other hand, Quentin continues to gure out the clues that Margo left behind.

He tries to unlock Margos door and expects something to be in the doorknob, but there was nothing in it. That night, he studies the quote over and over and realize that the clues were for himself, not for Margo. Quentin brings a screw driver and starts to unlock his own doorknob.

There, he nds a small note with Margos 4. The Vessel: Agloe handwriting that says bartlesville Avenue. Realizing that it was an address, Quentin calls his friends and heads to the location. When they arrive at the place, they realize that the place was nothing like they imagined. It was a place where someone would go to die. They all go to the building and nd the troll hole. There, they nd a mysterious writing that says, once you go to paper town, there is no leaving it. The three friends are freaked out and decide to leave the building.

The Grass: Chapters After Quentin comes back from the deserted place minimall , he calls the detective once again to tell him about his discovery but the detective doesnt show much interest towards it by telling Quentin that Margo is a legal adult, and that she has done something like this before.

Then, Quentin logs onto Omnictionary to nd out possible information regarding paper town and discovers some helpful facts such as nding out that paper town is a pseudovision. After, Quentin talks to his friends about what he found and then continues to search for different locations.

The Vessel: Agloe he arrives at an oak tree, he starts to cry and long for Margo until he gets tired.

The next day, Quentin goes to school and after English class, he asks his teacher for help in interpreting the poem Margo left, and receives new advice and hints to what Margo is trying to say as well as the denition and theme of the poem. After, Quentin lies to his parents that hes going to prom and goes to the minimall and while he was there, he discovered Margos blanket, nail polish, and travel guide books.

Also, multiple clues show up proving that Margo was at the minimall such as the smell of Margos shampoo and skin lotion on the blanket.

While Quentin is still there, he starts to grasp the meaning of the poem and starts to question may different sides that Margo has when shes with different people. The Grass: Chapters After searching through the books, Quentin falls asleep but gets awakened by Bens phone call asking him to come pick him up from Beccas party.

At Beccas party, everyone was drunk and acting hyper especially Ben. JIS G SR 9mm 13mm.

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He is represented as a fun and thoughtful friend for Quentin who believes in being one for all, and all for one. Experience extreme trafc b. Margo explains to Quentin her real thoughts on paper town and paper girl reecting on her previous statement at the Suntrust Building. Perhaps it was the fact that they are next door neighbors that Margo came to Quentin, or maybe it was the fact that Margo likes Quentin a little bit.

They see Margo writing down stuffs in her black notebook.

People such as the detective just simply say. Ok Read more. However, Margo goes missing the next day, leaving only few clues for Quentin to search for herself.