Reading psychology books is the supreme “lifehack” — distilled knowledge that often took years to assemble can be consumed in just a few hours!. If you really want to understand what motivates your thoughts, feelings, and actions, read the best psychology books that illuminate the human psyche. Looking for good books to read? This reading list shares the best psychology books of all-time and other book recommendations.

Psychology Book

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Tired of looking for your next life changing book? Read our list of the top 10 most life changing psychology books, they just might change yours. The best psychology books teach us how we can improve your quality of life through self knowledge and understanding. Read this huge list of. Psychology genre: new releases and popular books, including Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori.

Those who have read a few of these books already can probably give this a pass. An abundance of choices has a tendency to trick our brain into thinking a lot of choice is a good thing, when that is not necessarily the case.

I wish Lindstrom would have done a bit more analysis on each study, as he seems to just take each at face value. That being said, the studies cited are really interesting and very revealing in how easy it is for marketers to trick us. But I would say that you should skip that book and get this one instead.

Best Psychology Books

Pradeep creates a great overview of the emerging neuromarketing space and does so with a lot of good concrete examples. This book avoids this problem by giving actionable steps for implementing.

This books digs into how language can reveal a lot about a person. Some archetypes that are focused on include gender, affluence, liars, sadness, introverts vs.

While the research in this book was excellent and often collaborative , I wanted more. Except with this book, manipulation is the subject at hand. Scary stuff, but a necessary read.

If you are unfamiliar with the study, it was meant to test whether or not people would obey authority even when they were asked to do something that they knew was wrong.

This book is a necessary read in understanding the construct and inherit dangers in authority. My single gripe with the book is that it is too long.

This is no pop-psy self-help book, this takes a look at some incredible research from a leading expert. This book seeks to understand and to pass on knowledge, not to help you change your life. This is an interesting book and one of few that strays into the positive psychology territory, definitely worth checking out. For everyone else, it is a very easy read and very much worth checking out. The thing is, the presentation makes this book worthwhile even if you have already heard of a few of these, and McRaney is a great writer; his blog was featured on my big list of blogs that are awesome and not about marketing.

Largely concerned with cognition and specifically with cognitive biases, David DiSalvo makes this book stand out in quite a few ways. Not only that, there are tactics and resource materials included in the book. My only problem with these is that they are clumped near the end instead of being sprinkled about the many great examples. Despite that, Eagleman has put together a seriously fascinating list of studies that I will shamelessly steal and write about here on Sparring Mind.

In other words, creative work lives in a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem. Getting ahead of the curve, or doing the unexpected, means eschewing what everyone currently expects, which requires knowing what everyone expects.

Knowing the metagame — or comparing your work to what exists today — is useful for spotting opportunities for differentiation.

Originals will help you spot opportunities to stand out, and digs into the research around how creative thinking works , and what you can do to encourage those light-bulb moments. Is character even concrete, or is it more like a shade of gray?

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Great examples, great research, and a great focus make this a must-read. This book seems like a collection of short stories, and not a unified idea. Putting that aside, the different sections are far too interesting to pass up for this general lack of unity.

The authors do a great job in demonstrating the many types of faulty logic that we are prone to in a variety of environments.

All readers will gain a new perspective on their lives and what drives them after reading this book. Games People Play: Paperback site Audible.

Transactional analysis examines human behavior through a social lens. Berne highlights that in social relationships, individuals embody one of three different expressions of the ego: The adult is rational, the parent is critical and nurturing, the child is dependent and intuitive.

All three expressions are in each of us and different social situations trigger different ones and in specific combinations. Every man should read He. In 82 pages, Johnson explains masculine psychology through the mythology of King Arthur and the Grail legend. I appreciate He more and more as I get older. Every woman who wants to understand the masculine psyche will benefit from this book too.

In this concise page book, Johnson breaks down feminine psychology through the myths of Psyche, Eros and Aphrodite. Reading She with He illuminates how the psyche of men and women are fundamentally different. A handy guide. How can you even attempt to be in a relationship without reading We?

We are all so programmed with ideas about romantic love from stories, films, and the media, that human relating is barely possible. Johnson deconstructs romantic love through the myth of Tristan and Iseult.

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Incredibly sobering and instructive. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: KWML a wild ride into the psyche. Related Guide: As far as Western psychology has come in the last years or so, Eastern psychology is thousands of years older.

This mind training practice is based on 59 slogans or aphorism that demonstrate the brilliance of Buddhist psychology. And Chodren, a Western Buddhist teacher, does a beautiful job explaining the meaning behind these aphorisms.

10 Best Books in Psychology to Illuminate What Really Drives You

When we deny this fact, these parts rule us. When we accept this, we can learn to understand and harmonize the characters within our psyche.Is character even concrete, or is it more like a shade of gray? Related Guide: Scary stuff, but a necessary read. This book seems to be in such high demand that the site prices are often outrageous. I hope you found this list of psychology books useful. Almost everything we do on a daily basis is because of habit. This list will help you to: Furthermore, Gordon H.