Keyssar, Alexander. The right to vote: the contested history of democracy in the United States /. Alexander Keyssar p. cm. Includes index. ISBN X. The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States. By Alexander. Keyssar. (New York: Basic Books, xxiv, pp. Cloth, $ The right to vote: the contested history of democracy in the United States. Keyssar , Alexander. PART III Toward Universal Suffrage—and Beyondpage

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Accordiug to Alexander Keyssar, the women's suffrage movement ultimately achieved success in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment due to a. Read "The Right to Vote The Contested History of Democracy in the United States" by Alexander Keyssar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get. come as a surprise to a reader of Alexander Keyssar's" magisterial his- tory 6f the right to election, The Right to Vote's major themes are sharply reflected.

The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States

What are the potential consequences if, over time, it is revealed that preclearance has not accomplished its purpose? Current Challenges to Voting Rights 5. As you know, civil rights activists struggled and sacrificed for a long time to push the federal government to take action to ensure that African Americans could exercise their right to vote.

Recently new roadblocks have arisen that many people think threaten the hard-earned successes of the civil rights movement. In many states, new restrictions have been enacted for the stated reason of combating voter fraud. In reality, instances of voting fraud are nearly non-existent.

The new restrictions actually threaten the voting rights of African Americans and Latinos, as well as young voters and low-income people. With a small group, analyze the map and the graph. Discuss these questions: What does each document show about who is or would be most affected by government ID requirements or other voting restrictions?

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What conclusions can you draw when you look at both documents together? Compare your conclusions about these documents with what you know about how African Americans in the South were prevented from voting in the century between Reconstruction and the civil rights movement.

Make a chart that shows the similarities and differences. Divide the class into groups.

With your group, research the challenge you have been assigned. Make a poster presenting what you have learned. Do you think these new efforts could be challenged on the basis of the Voting Rights Act?

Are there any attempts to limit voting rights?

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Do some research to find out. If you find that there are, find out who is fighting to maintain or expand voting rights and how they are doing so.

Constitution, ratified in It explains that in the early s, the United States lacked a coherent national policy guaranteeing women the right to vote. Different groups of women used different strategies to gain the right to vote. What are the three different phases of the suffrage movement identified by historian Sarah Chinn in the video?

Note: Moral persuasion, state-by-state and federal amendment. Have students write each one on chart paper and post each chart in a different corner of the room.

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Note: Have students count off by threes. If you have enough computers in the classroom for each group to work on one, have groups work where they are. Create a presentation for the class showing how your group went about trying to win votes for women. Which group might picket, march or chant in public places to draw attention to their cause?

What would other groups do? Keep in mind that you want the rest of the class to understand the answers to these two questions: 1 What arguments did your group make about why women should have the right to vote?

Form groups of three, with each group having a representative from each of the three strategies that is, one person from a moral persuasion group, one from a federal amendment group and one from a state-by-state group.Equal access to affordable, accessible reproductive health services, including abortion, is critical. Constitution, ratified in State policymakers should raise the standards for American jobs so that all working people get paid fairly for their efforts and have work schedules that take their basic needs into account.

Yet corporate interests have put our health and environment at risk by continuing to extract, peddle, and burn fossil fuels. Between and — the period when property requirements were being dropped — four Northern states disenfranchised African-American voters, and New Jersey halted a year experiment permitting women to vote.

The right to vote: the contested history of democracy in the United States

Note: Have students count off by threes. Sustaining Our Families Ensure Health Care For All When a child is injured or a loved one is suffering from a serious illness, no one wants to think about co-pays and deductibles.

Establish Education Equity Equal opportunity is a cornerstone of the American ideal.

Seeing the video will bring you to the starting point of this lesson, an examination of that law.